Oudom's Thai & Sushi

You've found us!


Let us tell you a little about our restaurant!
Oudom's offers a variety of both thai and sushi cusine. Our recipes are homemade and made to order! (No frozen or premade stuff!) Which also gives you the benefit of adding or taking away anything you desire!

That's just fine! We offer tofu or all veggies for all of our tasty dishes!

*Just be sure to ask about our sauces (some made with oyster sauce) for any vegatarian dishes or shellfish alergies.

Our food will surprise you with flavor and make you crave more!
All of our entrees come with your choice of chicken, pork, beef, shrimp, scallop, calamari, and of course, tofu! Also, feel free to mix and match!

Not a big spicy eater?
Well you're in luck because we also give you that option of how hot you want your food! IF hot at all! And we have spices on the side if you choose to venture out on your own!

Sushi Eater? Perrrfect!

We have a huge variety of specialty rolls, as well as your basic sushi rolls such as the california and spicy tuna roll! We also have a la carte sashimi and nigiri!

Top your entree off with a hot sake, cold Singha beer or maybe a glass of wine!

Beer, wine, sake, specialty teas, we have it all!


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NOTE: All ingrediants are not listed so if you have any food allergies (shellfish, peanut, wheat, etc.) or special request, please let us know ahead of time!!