Oudom's Thai & Sushi

Sushi Menu (Soy or rice paper available on occasion)

Not all ingrediants specified. Look twice, please! You must pay for all items ordered! Please, indicate in advance any food allergies (Shellfish, wheat, peanut, etc.) or any ingrediants you do not wish to eat. Thank you.

A La Carte Nigiri or Sashimi

Items served in pairs (nigiri) 3piece (sashimi)




seared tuna




white tune

hamachi (yellowtail)

Masago (smelt egg)

Seaweed salad

Squid salad


spicy tuna handroll


Sushi and sashimi dinners

Served with miso soup and side salad with ginger dressing

No substitutions please

Sushi dinner-Five pieces of nigiri and california roll

Sushi Deluxe-Five pieces of nigiri, california roll and spicy tuna roll

Sashimi Deluxe-Chef's choice of assorted sashimi

Maki Dinner-California roll, spicy tuna roll, and shrimp tempura roll

Vegetarian sushi-cucumber roll, avocado roll, and veggie roll

Unagi Don-Grilled eel over steamed rice with a sweet eel sauce

Tuna Tataki-Seared tuna sashimi on vinaigrette rice and veggies

Sushi Rolls

One order served in 6 to 8 pieces (Not all ingrediants specified)


Crunchy tuna (#1 Seller!)-spicy tuna, asparagus, cream cheese, w crunchy on top 

Beauty Beast roll-Cali inside w eel and tuna on top

Philly-Salmon, cream cheese, asparagus inside, salmon on top

Rainbow-cali inside, w five different fish on top

California salmon-salmon, avocado, cucumber

California tuna-tuna, avocado, cucumber

Snow white-white tuna and strawberry

Spicy Tuna-spicy tuna and cucumber

Spicy Salmon-spicy salmon and asparagus

Yellowtail roll-Scallion, cucumber, Mayo

Mexican roll-Spicy Tuna w jalapeno, cream cheese and whole roll fried

Wild east roll-Fish salad inside, cream cheese, and whole roll fried

Japanese Bagel-salmon and cream cheese

Four seasons roll-Cali roll inside, 4 different fish on top w and spicy seasoning on top

Big Kahuna-spicy tuna, cream cheese, jalapeno, seared tuna on top w daikon sauce


California roll-crab, cucumber, avocado

Florida Roll-baked salmon, avocado, and spicy mayo

Dancing eel-Cali inside, eel and avocado on top

Spider Roll-Soft shell crab, cucumber and avocado

Shrimp tempura roll-shrimp tempura, cucumber, avocado w sweet eel sauce on top

Crouching tiger-Medium rare tenderloin, cream cheese, asparagus inside, steak on top

Dragon roll-Shrimp tempura inside with eel and avocado on top

Eel roll-eel cucumber, sweet eel sauce

Golden Mountain-snow crab and cream cheese inside, with baked eel and chedder cheese on top, sweet eel sauce and spicy mayo

Vegetable roll-assorted veggies

Rock Lobster-Cali inside, cream cheese, baked lobster and krab on top

Bahama Roll-Tempura lobster, mango, toasted coconut

Volcano-Cali inside, cream cheese, baked scallop and krab on top

First Love-Cali inside with eel and strawberry on top



Tuna Cube (appetizer)- fresh diced tuna, seaweed salad, with a light and fresh lemon-lime zesty sauce topped with fried garlic

Stetson-spicy tuna, cream cheese, cucmber, avocado topped with tempura crunch, white sauce and sweet sauce.

Yakuza-Inside shrimp tempura, spicy tuna, cc, topped with yellowtail, tuna, fried onions, and special sauce

Deland roll-Inside spicy tuna and cc, topped with steamed cooked shrimp, and special sauce.

Rolls Royce-Inside fresh salmon, tempura krab, cc, avocado, topped with baked white tuna, krap, in a spicy mayo and sweet sauce.

Hercules-crab, asparagus, cc, topped with lightly baked salmon with a fresh garlic and onion relish


Super crunch-cali roll topped with tempura crunch, white sauce and sweet sauce.

Bubble Roll-Inside shrimp tempura, asparagus, cc, topped with steamed cooked shrimp, spicy mayo and sweet sauce.

Sushi may be boxed or plated together, therefore if you would like your sushi boxed or plated INDIVIDUALLY, please inform the person taking your order.

Consumption of raw seafood or partially cooked food may cause food born illness